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Our Leadership

One of Andy’s favorite aspects of The Alliance is that it empowers agents to take control of their lives.

As the CEO of National Agents Alliance, aka The Alliance, some might find it surprising that Andy Albright lived in the same Burlington, N.C. farmhouse where he grew up until officially moving to Florida in December of 2019. Those who know Andy best, know he’s come a long way from a simple, young man from Union Ridge to make it to the top.. Even when he was very young and working in the tobacco fields near his home and playing baseball, Andy was constantly dreaming of ways to improve his family’s standard of living. He chose to further his education at North Carolina State University with a degree in textile sciences and spent the next eleven years working with several of the best textile companies in North Carolina. Andy exhibited strong leadership abilities in his field, but was not satisfied working for someone else and having little control over his income potential.

After only a few years of marriage, Andy and Jane Albright faced a significant obstacle. Jane was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease and was forced to continue her teaching job throughout treatment because of their financial situation. Feeling helpless, Andy vowed to take whatever steps necessary to provide the kind of monetary stability that would prevent Jane from ever having to work again. It was at that time he was introduce to and became immersed in learning about marketing and selling life insurance.

Andy Albright’s determination was evident in the progression of The Alliance. Andy secured his insurance license in 1998, co-founded The Alliance in 2002, and was appointed as CEO in 2006. The Alliance’s business space also rapidly outgrew Andy Albright’s basement. Today, the corporate offices currently occupy three buildings near downtown Burlington, N.C.

Ones of Andy’s favorite aspects of The Alliance is that it empowers agents to take control of their lives. Having started in his basement and flourished into one of the largest agencies of its kind, Andy’s vision is to provide financial stability to anyone who desires it. To He is now sole owner of The Alliance and has no plans to slow down.

Andy Albright lived in the Burlington suburb of Union Ridge with his wife Jane, until December of 2019, when the couple took up residence in their newly finished Treasure Island, Fla. home. Their daughter Haleigh married Brandon Manley in June of 2019 and the couple lives in Raleigh, N.C. The Albrights’ son, Spencer is a student at North Carolina State University. The Albrights have five dogs.